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The electronic modal lymphocyte volumes of 151 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and 305 normal controls were determined by the hydrodynamically focused multi-channel Coulter TF analyser. The mean volumes of the normally distributed groups were 166±19.3 (range 126–216) fl in patients with CLL and 206±14.4 (range 126±246) fl in normal(More)
Die intestinale59Fe-Resorption wurde als Indikator eines prälatenten oder latenten Eisenmangelzustandes bei insgesamt 85 im 4. bis 9. Schwangerschaftsmonat befindlichen Frauen mit dem59Fe-Resorptions-Gesamtkörperretentions-Test gemessen. Die59Fe-Resorption stieg von 31,7±8,1% bei gesunden menstruierenden Frauen über 74,6±17% im 6. Monat, 84±13% im 7. Monat(More)
In order to judge differentiation of cells in soft agar colonies, cytological and cytochemical classification of single cells within these colonies is necessary. In this study, 1,026 colonies from 15 normal and 95 leukemic bone marrows have been evaluated using cytological, cytochemical, and immunocytochemical techniques. In 180 colonies from 15 normal(More)
l hour after i. v. infusion of colloidal iron in iron deficient subjects uniform phagosomal iron granules were observed in macrophages and endothelial cells of several organs. 7 to 10 days later transformation into ferritin could be visualized in macrophages only. Now, these cells showed diffuse iron staining of the cytoplasm due to dispersed ferritin(More)
The effects of the antitumor drug taxol on the microtubular axonemes of the heliozoon Actinophrys sol have been investigated. The drug induces polymerization of microtubules as shown by a large increase in the length and number of microtubular arrays. The interaction between microtubules and microtubule-associated proteins is also affected, with the result(More)
The cytopharyngeal basket of Pseudomicrothorax dubius, through which filamentous blue-green algae are ingested, consists of 22 (+/- 3) nemadesmata and nemadesmal lamellae, in the form of a tube. A cytostome, delimited by the cell membrane and surrounded by 22 (+/- 3) major and minor cortical corrugations, covers the end of the basket where the latter is(More)