Kurt H Kelley

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The spectra of fiber and axon diameter, myelin sheath thickness, fiber density, and g ratio of the optic nerve were analyzed for the strain-13 guinea pig, an animal extensively utilized in the investigation of experimental disorders of demyelination. Our detailed analytical study of the normal guinea pig optic nerve provides the basis for comparison to(More)
The suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) at the base of the hypothalamus are known to be the site of the endogenous circadian pacemaker in mammals. The SCN are innervated by the retinohypothalamic tract, which conveys photic information to the SCN. GABA is one of the most abundant neurotransmitters in the SCN, and has been implicated in the modulation of photic(More)
BACKGROUND Glaucoma is a major cause of blindness worldwide and an increasingly significant global health problem. Glaucoma prevention and management efforts have been challenging due to inherent difficulty in developing a simple and cost-effective screening plan, limited access to health care and educational resources, poverty, and inadequate knowledge of(More)
In order to determine if axonal transport changes in chronic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) were due to blockade or increased discharge of fast transported proteins from the inner retina, we examined the presence of pulse labeled proteins in autoradiograms of the optic nerve head, retinal ganglion cell and nerve fiber layers of juvenile(More)
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