Kurt H. Becker

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Issues and Scientific Advances Bruce C. Garrett,*,† David A. Dixon,*,‡ Donald M. Camaioni,† Daniel M. Chipman,§ Mark A. Johnson,# Charles D. Jonah,⊥ Gregory A. Kimmel,† John H. Miller,| Thomas N. Rescigno,X Peter J. Rossky,3 Sotiris S. Xantheas,† Steven D. Colson,† Allan H. Laufer,[ Douglas Ray,† Paul F. Barbara,3 David M. Bartels,§ Kurt H. Becker,∆ Kit H.(More)
INTRODUCTION Complete sterilization of an infected root canal is an important challenge in endodontic treatment. Traditional methods often cannot achieve high-efficiency sterilization because of the complexity of the root canal system. The objective of the study was to investigate in vitro the feasibility of using a cold plasma treatment of a root canal(More)
Fears of terrorist attacks have led to the development of various technologies for the real-time detection of explosives, but all suffer from potential ambiguities in the assignment of threat agents. Using proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS), an unusual bias dependence in the detection sensitivity of 2,4,6 trinitrotoluene (TNT) on the(More)
The transport properties of O− ions in water vapour drifting in DC fields were obtained by using the Monte Carlo simulation technique with the scattering cross section sets assessed on the basis of Denpoh and Nanbu’s technique and available experimental data. A swarm method is applied to determine recommended cross section set. For the first time in this(More)
The discrepancy between experimental and theoretical total electron-impact ionization crosssections for a group of fluorides, CFx and NFx (x=l-3), is attributed to the inadequacies in previous theoretical models. Cross-sections calculated using a recently developed siBED model that takes into account the shielding of the long-range dipole potential between(More)
Secondary electrons produced by fast ion tracks in radioactive waste Most energy deposited in cells by ionizing radiation is channeled into free secondary electrons with energies between 1 eV and 20 eV (B. Preamble The following report is based largely on presentations and discussions at two workshops and on contributions, suggestions, and recommendations(More)
A vast selection of different ozone generator designs is commercially available on today’s market. In large-scale applications, the ground electrode is designed as gas/water tube heat exchanger, which is filled with tubular high-voltage electrodes on the gas processing side. Available constructions differ in diameter, length and arrangement of the tubular(More)
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