Kurt Gubi

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One of the important challenges for personalised, context-aware information delivery within buildings is to be able to show the user a map with their own location as well as the locations of points of interest for them. One very desirable property of a personalised, context-aware mobile application is that it can operate at the same time as preserving the(More)
(2016). Capacity building in physical activity and non-communicable disease prevention: a low-cost online training course can reach isolated practitioners [Forthcoming]. New Frontiers of quantified self: finding new ways for engaging users in collecting and using personal data. A. (2013). Scrutable user models and personalised item recommendation in mobile(More)
This research describes the design, implementation, and validation of a platform for managing contextually relevant symbolic maps for indoor positioning. The RoughMaps platform allows untrained users to upload and administer symbolic building maps and associated map meta-data for the purpose of indoor positioning. An associated API allows mobile application(More)
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