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The CALICE collaboration is studying the design of high performance electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters for future International Linear Collider detectors. For the electromagnetic calorimeter, the current baseline choice is a high granularity sampling calorimeter with tungsten as absorber and silicon detectors as sensitive material. A " physics(More)
Of the risk factors related to coronary heart disease, three clearly stand out: elevated blood pressure, cigarette smoking, and elevated levels of serum cholesterol. Recently, considerable evidence has accumulated indicating that, in addition to concentration of total blood cholesterol, the manner in which cholesterol is distributed or transported in the(More)
Correlations between serum uric acid, cortisol, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and psychometric indices of stress--namely, anxiety, hostility, and depression--were investigated in 20 students over a 2 1/2 month academic quarter. There were three peak periods of stress, with two occurring during midterm(More)
Mouthguards are considered by most authorities to be an essential part of equipment for players participating in body-contact sports. Mouthguards provide excellent dental protection but not all players use them, complaining of breathing difficulties and problems with speaking. Although information exists concerning dental trauma and mouth protector use,(More)
Recently an anatomic model was reported for adults that standardized the platform height for step tests using an individual's stature and a specified hip angle. In order to determine if the model could be used to predict the platform height for children, platform heights were calculated and hip angles were measured in 146 boys and 140 girls ages 6 to 18(More)
A suitable ergometer that is generally favored for estimating maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max) under field conditions or in environments where testing equipment is limited is the step test. Recently a mathematical model was reported to standardize the height of stepping for individuals of various heights. We designed a study to validate this model using(More)
Liver extracts prepared in 6 M urea contain significantly less microbiologically assayable folates than extracts prepared in hot 1% ascorbate. The possibility that inactive folate derivatives are formed by reaction with the cyanate present in the urea solution was investigated. Doubly labeled 2-14C, 3',5',9(n)-3H tetrahydrofolic acid reacted under hydrogen(More)
Psychological stress, as measured by the parameters of trait anxiety, hostility, and depression, was compared in the group of males age 30-55 with serum levels of testosterone. Those males who were classified as high psychological stress had significantly lower testosterone levels than did their low stress counterparts. However, comparison of their serum(More)