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The Big Empty: The Great Plains in the Twentieth Century
The Great Plains, known for grasslands that stretch to the horizon, is a difficult region to define. Some classify it as the region beginning in the east at the ninety-eighth or one-hundredthExpand
Immigration, the American West, and the twentieth century: German from Russia, Omaha Indian, and Vietnamese-urban villagers in Lincoln, Nebraska
The North American West is a culturally and geographically diverse region that has long been a beacon for successive waves of human immigration and migration. A case in point, the population ofExpand
Contested Events and Conflicting Meanings: Mari Sandoz and the Sappa Creek Cheyenne Massacre of 1875
[GPQ 36 (Fall 2016):309–326] about three hours. All parties that have considered this battle agree to this much, but little else. Accounts on the number of Cheyenne dead, their ages, and their genderExpand
Gathering a Heritage: Ukrainian, Slavonic, and Ethnic Canada and the USA by Thomas M. Prymak (review)
been edited accounts like this one, not new interpretations of this migration. Th is statement is not meant to discount newer interpretive work, including Tate’s 2006 Indians and Emigrants and WillExpand
Reconfigurations of Native North America : an anthology of new perspectives
Implementing many of the most cutting-edge trends in contemporary indigenous studies, these seventeen original essays tackle indigenous identity, cultural perseverance, economic development, andExpand