Kurt Dietrich

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INTRODUCTION Incidence rates of bladder cancer are notably higher in men than in women. While there is evidence that reproductive and hormonal risk factors may influence risk of bladder cancer, data are inconclusive. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined reproductive, menstrual and hormonal use history in our population-based case-control study of bladder(More)
This paper presents a concept for enhancing mobile and embedded devices with trusted computing (TC)technology. It outlines a new architecture focusing on SUN's J2ME platform, including the design for a <i>Mobile Trusted Module</i> (MTM) to be used as a trusted computing base. The proposed architecture combines all software components required for accessing(More)
Two different security extensions of mobile platforms for hosting Mobile Trusted Module (MTM) functionality have been introduced in recent years: the ARM TrustZone processor extension and Secure Elements. Both approaches can host MTMs which are typically designed as a static and fixed set of functions. However, with the increasing number of supported(More)
The security of mobile and embedded devices can be significantly improved by using mobile-trusted-modules (MTMs). How these MTMs can be implemented and integrated in mobile devices is subject to current research. A major part of this research addresses different implementation variants of MTMs. MTMs provide many features that enable a platform to provide a(More)
Although anonymous authentication has been extensively studied, so far no scheme has been widely adopted in practice. A particular issue with fully anonymous authentication schemes is that users cannot easily be prevented from copying and sharing credentials. In this paper, we propose an anonymous authentication scheme for mobile devices that prevents(More)
BACKGROUND Use of immunosuppressive drugs post organ transplantation, and prolonged use of glucorticoids for other conditions have been associated with subsequent risk of certain malignancies, that is, skin cancers and lymphoma. There is evidence that the incidence of bladder cancer is also elevated among organ transplant recipients, however, it is unknown(More)