Kurt Couckuyt

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AIM Astronauts commonly return from space with altered short-term cardiovascular dynamics and blunted baroreflex sensitivity. Although many studies have addressed this issue, post-flight effects on the dynamic circulatory control remain incompletely understood. It is not clear how long the cardiovascular system needs to recover from spaceflight as most(More)
In this study we evaluated the usefulness of complex demodulation (CDM) for the assessment of baroreflex sensitivity (BRS) and time delay during dynamic changes of autonomic cardiovascular regulation induced by changing gravity during parabolic flight. BRS and time delay data assessed with CDM in the HF band are influenced by non-baroreflex coupling of(More)
BACKGROUND Non-linear analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) can give additional information about autonomic control of the heart rate. This study applied the fractal dimension (FD) in a congestive heart failure (CHF) population. METHODS FD and HRV were evaluated in a healthy population (n=21) and an end-stage heart failure population (n=21) using 1-h(More)
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