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We analyze the resonant linear and nonlinear transmission through a photonic crystal waveguide side-coupled to a Kerr-nonlinear photonic crystal resonator. First, we extend the standard coupled-mode theory analysis to photonic crystal structures and obtain explicit analytical expressions for the bistability thresholds and transmission coefficients which(More)
Mass spectrometry provides an extremely sensitive method for the identification and quantification of modified nucleosides and hence for determining chemical modifications of nucleic acids. When mass spectrometry is used in conjunction with a new high-performance liquid chromatographic system capable of separating 15 methylated and naturally occurring(More)
The past decade has witnessed intensive research efforts related to the design and fabrication of photonic crystals. These periodically structured dielectric materials can represent the optical analogue of semiconductor crystals, and provide a novel platform for the realization of integrated photonics. Despite intensive efforts, inexpensive fabrication(More)
We demonstrate that when an optically birefringent nematic liquid crystal is infiltrated into the void regions of an inverse opal, photonic-band-gap (PBG) material, the resulting composite material exhibits a completely tunable PBG. In particular, the three-dimensional PBG can be completely opened or closed by applying an electric field which rotates the(More)
A sensitive, precise, and accurate liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS-MS) method was developed to quantitate cocaine and cocaine metabolites, which were simultaneously extracted from suspected drug-positive meconium samples using solid-phase extraction. The ability to analyze cocaine and multiple cocaine metabolites in meconium makes this method(More)
Using the exact theory of multipole expansions, we construct the two-dimensional Green's function for photonic crystals, consisting of a finite number of circular cylinders of infinite length. From this Green's function, we compute the local density of states (LDOS), showing how the photonic crystal affects the radiation properties of an infinite(More)