Kurt Busch

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We analyze the resonant linear and nonlinear transmission through a photonic crystal waveguide side-coupled to a Kerr-nonlinear photonic crystal resonator. First, we extend the standard coupled-mode theory analysis to photonic crystal structures and obtain explicit analytical expressions for the bistability thresholds and transmission coefficients which(More)
Cavity quantum electrodynamics advances the coherent control of a single quantum emitter with a quantized radiation field mode, typically piecewise engineered for the highest finesse and confinement in the cavity field. This enables the possibility of strong coupling for chip-scale quantum processing, but till now is limited to few research groups that can(More)
Multiple time-stepping (MTS) algorithms allow to efficiently integrate large systems of ordinary differential equations, where a few stiff terms restrict the timestep of an otherwise non-stiff system. In this work, we discuss a flexible class of MTS techniques, based on multistep methods. Our approach contains several popular methods as special cases and it(More)
  • Uli Lemmer, T Woggon, M Punke, M Bruendel, M Schelb, T Mappes +11 others
  • 2011
" Organic semiconductor lasers as integrated light sources for optical sensors " , in: 2.) U. Lemmer and E. O. Göbel, "Photoluminescence spectroscopy as a probe for disorder and excitonic effects in organic and inorganic semiconductors", in: Nature of the primary photoexcitation in conjugated polymers, N.
The discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method (DGTD) is an emerging technique for the numerical simulation of time-dependent electromagnetic phenomena. For many applications it is necessary to model the infinite space which surrounds scatterers and sources. As a result, absorbing boundaries which mimic its properties play a key role in making DGTD a(More)
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