Kurt A Josef

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A novel class of benzocinnolinones analogs of irdabisant were designed and synthesized as histamine H3R antagonists/inverse agonists. Modifications to the pyridazinone portion of the core and linker(More)
A series of fused cyclopropyl-4,5-dihydropyridazin-3-one (3,4-diaza-bicyclo[4.1.0]hept-4-en-2-one) phenoxypiperidine analogs was designed and synthesized, leading to the identification of(More)
The optimization of the dihydronaphthyl[3,4-a]pyrrolo[3,4-c]carbazole-5-one R(2) and R(12) positions led to the identification of the first MLK1 and MLK3 subtype-selective inhibitors within the MLK(More)