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In this paper, we present development of a scheme enabling a commercially available hydraulic robot to work with a haptic device performing live-line maintenance tasks. Presently live line maintenance is done manually by operators working in locations high above the ground and near high voltage power lines. Ground-level teleoperation of a hydraulic(More)
A very common task in medical applications and motor-skill training is to trace a path. However, when designing a haptically guided interface, designers need to consider the choice of several parameters in the design. These include the real-time function for bringing back the user to the right path, the effect of the path’s curvature on tracing, and the(More)
In this paper, the effect of deformable environment to the performance of three bilateral teleoperation control schemes for hydraulic actuators are investigated through dynamic simulation. The considered schemes are Force Reflection, Position Error and Lyapunov feedback controllers. Two type of environments are considered, first is spring model and the(More)
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