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Fast growing population of elderly people has recently been a serious issue in many countries and becomes a global concern in the world. Most elderly people require assistance in their daily life, including in maintaining their wellbeing, taking care of their health, or responding to emergency medical situations. The need for caring for elderly people,(More)
Most of people likes living independently at home. Some activity in our daily life is prone to have some accidents, such as falls. Falls can make people in fatal conditions, even death. A prototype of fall detection system using accelerometer and gyroscope based on smartphone is presented in this paper. Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors are embedded in(More)
Elderly people with long-term care and some disabilities are more susceptible to falls. Fall can cause accidental or unintentional injury, even deaths. Fall detection monitoring is needed amongst elderly, particularly for elderly people who like living independently. Physical limitations and disabilities of elderly in doing their daily activities, which(More)
Miscommunication among physicians, nurses, and pharmacists can lead many medication errors. It should be eliminated and medicine information should always be verified. A good medicine management integrated with patient's medical records is an important thing to avoid medication errors. A proposed model of Hospital Medicine Tracking System using RFID(More)
The interaction between elderly's body states and their surrounding environment is important in many conditions. Biological data and activity data in elderly's daily life using wearable body sensor can be monitored and then can be adjusted with environment to gain the comfort condition. Seamless integration home care which is embedded with pervasive devices(More)
Post-harvest problems faced by farmers are drying grain. Traditional drying method, low-cost (dried) or use the dryer does not provide a perfect drying results. This is due to the two methods are not able to regulate the temperature, moisture content and humidity levels of the air to the right. As a result of the rice produced has a low quality, easily(More)
Position monitoring of older people inside a home is important to deliver appropriate services to meet their needs and preferences. In this paper, we compared five supervised learning algorithms that were used to monitor the position of older people whether inside or outside the room. A number of 1038 data records was obtained through 30 days behaviour(More)
In dealing with chaotic condition during disasters, speedy and accurate response is an important task. One of critical concerns in disaster situation is the separation of family members because of high people movement in natural disaster evacuation. An important humanitarian action for that situation is tracking refugees so that they can be reunited with(More)
In response to elderly people with independent living, healthcare services for elderly people is intended to be provided at homes, particularly for elderly with long-term care services and some disabilities. The health service can be facilitated utilizing the use of ubiquitous home care, equipped by connected technologies. Interoperability system has an(More)
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