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The performance of the Message Passing Interface collective communications is a critical issue to high performance computing widely discussed. In this paper we propose a mechanism that dynamically selects the most efficient MPI Alltoall algorithm for a given system/workload situation. This implementation method starts by grouping the fast algorithms based(More)
A new association scheme is proposed. The fundamental principle of the conventional associative memory models is to solve the matrix equation which is made by the complete (memorized) keys and responses. Therefore, when an incomplete key pattern which is a fraction of memorized key is given to the models as a key, these models can not have an optimal(More)
A new association scheme which can still recall appropriate data when some key elements are missing (blank) is presented. The traditional associative memory models are designed to deal with complete (memorized) keys, but in the real world, key elements are often missing due to error, equipment failure, observation difficulty, etc. The traditional models, in(More)
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