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Ameloblastoma is a true neoplasm of odontogenic epithelial origin. It is the second most common odontogenic neoplasm, and only odontoma outnumbers it in reported frequency of occurrence. Its incidence, combined with its clinical behavior, makes ameloblastoma the most significant odontogenic neoplasm. Unicystic ameloblastoma (UA) refers to those cystic(More)
Seventeen severely anaemic and transfusion-dependent haemodialysis patients with a haemoglobin less than 7 g/dl were treated with recombinant human erythropoietin (r-Hu-EPO). Aluminium toxicity was diagnosed by a positive desferrioxamine (DFO) test and bone biopsy. Seven out of eight patients without aluminium toxicity responded to r-Hu-EPO therapy.(More)
Oral cancers in India are very common. SLNB (sentinel lymph node biopsy) for the management of the cN0 neck provides proper staging with less morbidity. The study aims at assessment of the technical feasibility and accuracy of SLNB. Two by two table and Kappa statistic was used to compare SLN and END. In 14 cases out of 16 cases, SLN was identified.(More)
Patients with breast cancer and positive sentinel node biopsy usually require axillary dissection. Different instruments are used for axillary dissection like regular scalpel,monopolar cautery, bipolar cautery etc. All these instruments are having its advantages and disadvantages. Our dept did a pilot study to know the efficacy of ultrasonic shears over(More)
Breast cancer presenting as parotid tumour is very rare. This is the first reported case in which parotid tumour was the presenting complaint of the patient. Since the patient was estrogen and progesterone receptor positive - was put on hormone therapy and responded well.
Well-differentiated thyroid cancers can present with nodal metastasis that have undergone cystic degeneration. Rarely, mediastinal nodes may undergo cystic changes and pose a diagnostic dilemma, especially if the primary lesion is occult. We describe the case of a patient who presented with a large mediastinal cystic lesion which turned out to be metastasis(More)
Lymphadenopathy can be due to multitude of causes. Owing to the high prevalence of infectious diseases in India, and malignancy being a life threatening cause for lymphadenopathy; accurate diagnosis is important in preventing delay or misdiagnosis and in improving patient care, thereby increasing longevity with quality. Fine needle aspiration cytology(More)
Dedifferentiated chondrosarcomas are a rare and aggressive subtype of chondrosarcoma with a bimorphic pattern on histopathology. Rib is a rare site of dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma. Diagnosis of this subtype preoperatively can be challenging. Treatment options for dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma are limited because they are chemoresistant, and therefore(More)
Cystic pancreatic neoplasms are tumors with malignant potential treated surgically. Isolated tuberculosis of celiac lymph nodes is rare, treatment of this entity being non-surgical. Radiological appearances of cystic pancreatic neoplasm and tuberculous peripancreatic lymph nodal mass is similar and difficult to differentiate. Here we present a case of mass(More)
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