Kuppusamy Sambathkumar

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Combined experimental and theoretical studies were conducted on the molecular structure and vibrational spectra of 4-AminoPhthalhydrazide (APH). The FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra of APH were recorded in the solid phase. The molecular geometry and vibrational frequencies of APH in the ground state have been calculated by using the ab initio HF (Hartree-Fock)(More)
In this work, the experimental and theoretical study on molecular structure, vibrational spectral analysis of 4-hydroxythiobenzamide (HTB) have been reported. The solid phase FTIR (4000-400 cm(-1)) and FT-Raman spectra (3500-50 cm(-1)) were recorded. The molecular geometry, harmonic vibrational frequencies and bonding features of HTB in the ground-state(More)
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