Kuppan Saravanan

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Identifying dual role electrode materials capable of storing both lithium and sodium are thought to be highly relevant, as these materials could find potential applications simultaneously in lithium and sodium ion batteries. In this regard, the concept of dual alkali storage is demonstrated in Fe(3)O(4) anode material undergoing conversion reaction. To(More)
Understanding the kinetic implication of solid-solution vs. biphasic reaction pathways is critical for the development of advanced intercalation electrode materials. Yet this has been a long-standing challenge in materials science due to the elusive metastable nature of solid solution phases. The present study reports the synthesis, isolation, and(More)
Harvesting energy from surrounding vibrations and developing self-powered portable devices for wireless and mobile electronics have recently become popular. Here the authors demonstrate the synthesis of piezoelectric energy harvesters based on nanotube arrays by a wet chemical route, which requires no sophisticated instruments. The energy harvester gives an(More)
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