Kuo-Tay Chen

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Instead of per user basis, we propose a simple paging strategy based on the consideration of ensemble paging channel resource of each cell. Using only the information of the last known locations of mobile subscribers, the proposed paging scheme under a maximum delay constraint can improve the system performance ( discovery rate, blocking rate, and average(More)
Improving operating efficiency is one objective of internal controls (IC). This paper investigates the relationship between IC implementation and operating efficiency of universities. Using data from questionnaire survey and from the field, this study measures IC implementation and applies data envelopment analysis to estimate operating efficiency of 99(More)
In this paper, we propose an effective clustering method, HRK (Hierarchical agglomerative and Recursive K-means clustering), to predict the short-term stock price movements after the release of financial reports. The proposed method consists of three phases. First, we convert each financial report into a feature vector and use the hierarchical agglomerative(More)
Stock price movement prediction is an appealing topic not only for research but also for commercial applications. Most of prior research separately analyzes the meanings of the qualitative or quantitative features, and does not consider the categorical information when clustering financial reports. Since quantitative or qualitative features contain only(More)
With the rapid growth of the Internet and database technologies in recent years, question answering systems (QAS) have emerged as important applications. As most evaluation models focus on system-centered evaluation, user-centered evaluation has attracted little attention. Although many QAS have been implemented, little work has been done on the development(More)