Kuo-Shuh Fan

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In order to recover valuable materials and to minimize the adverse effects of hazardous materials contained in scrap computers, a dismantling practice is commonly adopted to treat scrap computers. By using the dismantling process, both useful and hazardous materials can be manually separated and retrieved. On the basis of the properties of the retrieved(More)
The objective of this work was to evaluate the production of hydrogen in a continuous system as a function of hydraulic retention time (HRT). The intermediates accumulated and other parameters of pH, oxidation-reduction potential were quantified. The heat treatment (103 degrees C for 24 h) of the compost from a cattle dung composting facility was able to(More)
It is essential to the achievement of zero waste that emphasis is concentrated on front-end preventions rather than end-of-pipe (EOP) treatment. Zero waste is primarily based on cleaner production, waste management, the reduction of unnecessary consumption and the effective utilization of waste materials. The aim of this study was to briefly review the(More)
Taiwan's resource recycling program was formally established in 1989, starting with the mandatory recycling of polyethylene terephthalate bottles. The number of mandatory regulated materials was extended to 8 categories with 27 items by 2002. Because of false data reporting, financial scandal, lack of transparency of the system, and the demand from(More)
Three columns each with 770 cm2 of surface area and 60-105 cm effective depth were set up for this study. These columns were filled with compacted, stabilized refuse. High-strength brewery wastewaters were uniformly trickled down the medium. Overall, 16 runs with various organic loadings were tested and the results demonstrated that the stabilized refuse(More)
Biological production of H(2) has received considerable attention lately. The present study was undertaken to observe the effects of substrate/seeding ratios (S(0)/X(0)) on batch H(2) generation. The H(2)-producing seeding spores were obtained from the heat treatment (88 degrees C for 12h) of the compost from a grass composting facility. A dehydrated(More)
Before implementing the self-monitoring model programme of the Basel Convention in the Asia, Taiwan has conducted a comprehensive 4-year follow-up project to visit the governmental authorities and waste-disposal facilities in the countries that import waste from Taiwan. A total of nine treatment facilities, six of which are reported in this paper, and the(More)
Mixed metal-containing waste, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) containing capacitors, printed circuit boards, steel mill dust and metal sludge were among the most common wastes exported from Taiwan. Before the implementation of the self-monitoring model programme of the Basel Convention (secretariat of the Basel Convention 2001) in the Asia region, Taiwan(More)
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