Kuo-Ning Shaw

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Arteriovenous fistulas affecting the mesenteric circulation are rare. To our knowledge, this is the first case report in which a large fistula was initially treated by steel coil embolization and, after failure of this procedure, subsequently surgically corrected. A case is reported and the literature reviewed.
The testing for drugs of abuse in hair is increasingly used to detect illicit substances. Laboratories have implemented various decontamination, or washing, procedures in order to eliminate concerns regarding potential contamination of the hair with drug from the environment. However, the effect of these decontamination procedures on drug incorporated into(More)
For the improvement of the adult osteoblast culture, the osteoblasts of young adult rabbit endosteal from long bones were isolated by collagenase digesting separation. 0.1% of type-I collagen precoated culture flasks were used as substrate for isolated bone cell growth. Morphological examination of cultured cells under a phase-contrast microscope, SEM and(More)
BACKGROUND The onsets of needling sensation introduced by acupuncture stimulus can vary widely from subject to subject. This should be explicitly accounted for by the model blood oxygenation-level dependent (BOLD) time course used in general linear model (GLM) analysis to obtain more consistent across-subject group results. However, in standard GLM(More)
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