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K+ are selectively coordinated in the selectivity filter and concerted K+ and water movements in this region ensure high conduction rates in K+ channels. In channels with long pores many K+ binding sites are located intracellular to the selectivity filter (inner vestibule), but their contribution to permeation has not been well studied. We investigated this(More)
The performance of an analytical expression for algorithmic decoherence time is investigated for non-Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics. There are two terms in the function that represents the dependence of the decoherence time on the system parameters; one represents decoherence due to the quantum time-energy uncertainty principle and the other represents(More)
Upon glucose elevation, pancreatic beta-cells secrete insulin in a Ca2+-dependent manner. In diabetic animal models, different aspects of the calcium signaling pathway in beta-cells are altered, but there is no consensus regarding their relative contributions to the development of beta-cell dysfunction. In this study, we compared the increase in cytosolic(More)
Although bulk endocytosis has been found in a number of neuronal and endocrine cells, the molecular mechanism and physiological function of bulk endocytosis remain elusive. In pancreatic beta cells, we have observed bulk-like endocytosis evoked both by flash photolysis and trains of depolarization. Bulk-like endocytosis is a clathrin-independent process(More)
We consider two basic types of Brownian motors which generate directed motion in a periodic asymmetric piecewise-linear potential as a result of random half-period shifts of the potential relief (flashing ratchets) or due to a temporally asymmetric unbiased force applied to the system (rocking ratchets). Analytical relationships have been derived which(More)
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