Kuo-Jui Wei

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Due to the explosive development of emerging applications such as, Multicast service, Pay-TV systems, Teleconference, and Collaborate tasks, engineers have proposed many conference key distribution mechanisms. Hwang et al. recently proposed an efficient group key exchange method for providing secure multicast communications, which is a transformation from(More)
People have transferred their business model from traditional commerce to e-commerce in recent decades. Both shopping and payment can be completed through the Internet and bring convenience to consumers and business opportunities to industry. These trade techniques are mostly set up based on the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL provides the security for(More)
Since most images were built with regular textures and structures, the exemplar-based inpainting technique has become a brand-new solution for renovating degraded images by searching a match patch. This characteristic has also been named as the local self-similarity. Nevertheless, traditional exemplar-based methods try to find the best match patch in the(More)
Telecommunication micropayment (Tele-micropayment) is an alternative of shelling out from traditional electronic commerce with high flexibility. It has been applied to the applications of online software, music, e-book, and game credit, in which the consumers are only charged with petty expense. The verification procedure of this payment relies on OTP(one(More)
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