Kuo-Jen Chao

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Introduction Body movements, including gestures, provide different learning channels for students, which may help them to more easily understand learning materials (Hostetter & Alibali, 2008; Tellier, 2008; Wilson, 2002). From this perspective, the purpose of using gestures is to help learners improve their comprehension and build connections between the(More)
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Cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy has been used to investigate the effects of several key growth parameters on the resulting interfacial quality of AlAs/GaAs short period superlattices. For growth on top of AlGaAs layers, only superlattices grown with periodicity no smaller than 4 unit cells of GaAs and 2 unit cells of AlAs and grown with a(More)
We report an innovative approach that combines nanopatterning and nanomaterials synthesis with traditional silicon micromachining technologies for large-scale fabrication of carbon nanotube (CNT) probe tips for atomic force microscopy imaging applications. Our batch fabrication process has produced 244 CNT probe tips per 4-in. wafer with control over the(More)
Online learning has been rapidly developing in the last decade. However, there is very little literature available about the actual adoption of online synchronous assessment approaches and any guidelines for effective assessment design and implementation. This paper aims at designing and evaluating the possibility of applying online synchronous assessments(More)
In this study, we report on the initial experimental results of formation of self-assembled Si Ge islands by the 1yx x Ž . selective chemical vapor deposition of highly strained Si Ge thin films with x;0.4 on patterned silicon wafers and 1yx x the subsequent annealing of these thin films. Unlike previous studies, islands are formed during the thermal(More)
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