Kuo-Hui Li

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—A beamforming network is considered for a space–time block-coded orthogonal frequency-division multi-plexing system in a high-speed indoor wireless network. We find that choosing the most powerful beams for transmission provide the best performance in the absence of interference. In the presence of interference, an iterative two-metric beam-selection(More)
—A multibeam beamformer in combination with a decision feedback equalizer is considered for the base station in a single-cell 100-Mb/s TDMA/TDD QPSK indoor wireless network at 24 GHz. The outage rate in terms of required SNR/bit/antenna is estimated using a statistical, clustered propagation model and for beam selection diversity and two-beam combining.
  • Kuo-Hui Li, N I bullet A I G, E G, E bullet, O F bullet T E C H N O L O G, Y bullet +22 others
  • 2004
Date approved by Chairman To my parents Acknowledgments I would like to beginby extending my most sincere thanks to my advisor Professor Mary Ann Ingram for her invaluable guidance, inspiration, suggestions, support, and patience throughout this work. Also, I would like to thank those who served on my dissertation defense committee: and other Taiwanese(More)
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