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Effect of working fluids on organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery
This study presents an analysis of the performance of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) subjected to the influence of working fluids. The effects of various working fluids on the thermal efficiency and onExpand
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Numerical simulation of a heat sink embedded with a vapor chamber and calculation of effective thermal conductivity of a vapor chamber
This study presents a numerical investigation of a whole set of thermal module, including a plate-fin heat sink embedded with a vapor chamber, subject to the influence of concentrated heat sources.Expand
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A novel design of pulsating heat pipe with fewer turns applicable to all orientations
Abstract This study presents a novel pulsating heat pipe (PHP) concept that is functional even when PHP is with fewer turns and is operated horizontally. Two heat pipes were made of copper capillaryExpand
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Investigation of the performance of pulsating heat pipe subject to uniform/alternating tube diameters
The present study examines the performance of closed-loop pulsating heat pipes (CLPHPs) with an ID of 2.4 mm. The effect of uniform and alternating tube diameter on the performance is investigated.Expand
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An experimental investigation of air cooling thermal module using various enhancements at low Reynolds number region
Abstract This study examines the airside performance of heat sinks having fin patterns of plate fin (Type I), interrupted fin geometry (Type II), dense vortex generator (Type III), and loose vortexExpand
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On the heat transfer characteristics of heat sinks: Influence of fin spacing at low Reynolds number region
Abstract This study examines the thermal–hydraulic performance of heat sinks having plate, slit, and louver fin patterns. Comparison of the associated heat transfer performance and the effect of finExpand
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A Numerical Study of the Nozzle/Diffuser Micro-Pump
This study numerically investigated the performance of micro Nozzle/diffuser pump subject to the influence of frequency, opening angle, and amplitude. Expand
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Determination of Optimized Rectangular Spreader Thickness for Lower Thermal Spreading Resistance
This study presents an approximation for determining an optimized thickness of a concentric heated rectangular plate and derives an analytical solution for spreading resistance of a spreader havingExpand
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Investigations of the Thermal Spreading Effects of Rectangular Conduction Plates and Vapor Chamber
This study examines the spreading ability of rectangular plates numerically, analytically, and experimentally. The effect of aspect ratio, defined as an equivalent radius of a heater divided by thatExpand
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On the Heat Transfer Characteristics of Heat Sinks: With and Without Vortex Generators
This paper examines the airside performance of heat sinks having fin patterns of delta, semi-circular vortex generators, plain fin and their combinations. Test results indicate that the heat transferExpand
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