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An intelligent control architecture for two autonomously driven wheeled robot is developed in this paper. Consider the parametric variation, external load disturbance, nonlinear friction, unpredicted and unstructured uncertainties for the practical applications, the transient and unmodelled uncertainty will be occurred. In the proposed control scheme, the(More)
A navigation system based on support vector machine (SVM) path planning and fuzzy sliding-mode controlled (SMC) path follower is developed for wheeled agent in this paper. The developed system, comprising image acquisition, map formatting, path planning, label assignment and path tracking inference mechanism, aims to gracefully follow a planned smooth path.(More)
A supervisory enhanced genetic algorithm control (SEGAC) system is proposed for an indirect field-oriented induction motor (IM) drive to track periodic commands. The proposed control scheme comprises an enhanced genetic algorithm control (EGAC) and a supervisory control. In the EGAC design, the spirit of gradient descent training is embedded in genetic(More)