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The tree-to-tree correctmn problem Is to determine, for two labeled ordered trees T and T', the distance from T to T' as measured by the mlmmum cost sequence of edit operaUons needed to transform T into T' The edit operations investigated allow changing one node of a tree into another node, deleting one node from a tree, or inserting a node into a tree An(More)
Concurrent programs are more diicult to test than sequential programs because of nondeterministic behavior. An execution of a concurrent program non-deterministically exercises a sequence of synchronization events, called a synchronization sequence (or SYN-sequence). Nondeterministic testing of a concurrent program P is to execute P with a given input many(More)
We report the results of three empirical studies of fault detection and stability performance of the predicate-based BOR (Boolean OperatoR) testing strategy. BOR testing is used to develop test cases based on formal software specification, or based on the implementation code. We evaluated the BOR strategy with respect to some other strategies by using(More)
One common approach to software testing, referred to as predicate testing, is to require certain types of tests for each predicate (or condition) in a program. Effective testing of predicates in a program results in effective detection of faults in the program. However, existing predicate testing strategies are ineffective or impractical for testing(More)