Kuo-Chung Hsu

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Multi-resident activity recognition is among a key enabler in many context-aware applications in a smart home. However, most of prior researches ignore the potential interactions among residents in order to simplify problem complexity. On the other hand, multiple-resident activities are usually recognized using cameras or wearable sensors. However, due to(More)
Multiple-resident activity recognition is a major challenge for building a smart-home system. In this paper, conditional random fields (CRFs) are chosen as our activity recognition models for overcoming this challenge. We evaluate our proposed approach with several strategies, including conditional random field with iterative inference and the one with(More)
Reliable recognition of activities from cluttered sensory data is challenging and important for a smart home to enable various activity-aware applications. In addition, understanding a user's preferences and then providing corresponding services is substantial in a smart home environment. Traditionally, activity recognition and preference learning were(More)
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