Kuo-Chung Chang

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Despite the recent downturn in Internet-based business, the dollar value of electronic commerce (EC) transactions is increasing at an astounding rate. In consumer-to-business applications, the amount of money spent by online shoppers is nearly doubling every year and is expected to approach US$ 100 billion by 2004 while business-to-business sales is(More)
Recent studies suggest that the number of information security incidents has increased dramatically and has caused significant economic loss worldwide. Awareness of the significance of information security is evidenced by a rapid increase in information security investments. Despite the fact that information security has taken on a new level of importance,(More)
Firms have invested heavily in information systems that collectively form an enterprise’s system. While many senior executives believe their enterprises’ systems have been “deployed” successfully they also believe they fall short of their potential informational impact. This research bridges deployment-related and impact-related assimilation research by(More)
To date there has been little academic research exploring the theoretical reasons that motivate organizations to adopt Enterprise Systems (ES). By employing Transaction Costs Economics (TCE) and Institutional theory, this research project intends to provide a theoretical foundation to better explain the extent of ES adoption within companies. TCE,(More)
The daily growth of the internet and electronic ticketing has become an integral part of airline companies’ strategy for increased profits through better customer service. The electronic ticketing (Eticketing) is experiencing growth in Mongolia. This study is defining Mongolian customer’s satisfaction with online purchasing experience using the Technology(More)
Cellulase immobilized on silica through the assistance of l-cysteine functionalized gold nano-particle was applied for the continuous hydrolysis of waste bamboo chopsticks powder to produce glucose. The optimal conditions for the continuous hydrolysis were pH 8.0, 50°C. A 4-day reaction with an initial 0.3 gL⁻¹ waste bamboo chopsticks powder, a feed(More)