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A novel approach to personal verification using the thermal images of palm-dorsa vein patterns is presented in this paper. The characteristics of the proposed method are that no prior knowledge about the objects is necessary and the parameters can be set automatically. In our work, an infrared (IR) camera is adopted as the input device to capture the(More)
Biometrics-based authentication is a verification approach using the biological features inherent to each individual. They are processed based on the identical, portable, and arduous duplicate characteristics. In this paper, we propose a scanner-based personal authentication system by using the palmprint features. The authentication system consists of(More)
A lane-detection method aimed at handling moving vehicles in the traffic scenes is proposed in this brief. First, lane marks are extracted based on color information. The extraction of lane-mark colors is designed in a way that is not affected by illumination changes and the proportion of space that vehicles on the road occupy. Next, for vehicles that have(More)
23 Abstract Gradual shot change detection is one of the most important research issues in the field of video indexing/retrieval. Among the numerous types of gradual transitions, the dissolve-type gradual transition is considered the most common one, but it is also the most difficult one to detect. In most of the existing dissolve detection algorithms, the(More)
A robust and e$cient human face detection system that can detect multiple faces in complex backgrounds is presented in this paper. The proposed system consists of two primary parts. The "rst part is to search for the potential face regions. The second part is to perform face verixcation. Our system can conquer di!erent sizes, di!erent lighting conditions,(More)
In this paper, a radical-based OCR system for the recognition of handwritten Chinese characters is proposed. In our approach, a recursive hierarchical scheme is developed to perform radical extraction "rst. Character features and radical features are then extracted for matching. Last, a hierarchical radical matching scheme is devised to identify the(More)
In this paper, a novel local pattern descriptor generated by the proposed local vector pattern (LVP) in high-order derivative space is presented for use in face recognition. Based on the vector of each pixel constructed by computing the values between the referenced pixel and the adjacent pixels with diverse distances from different directions, the vector(More)