Kuo Chang Hsiao

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There were marked individual differences in the plasma levels of phenacetin after oral administration of a 900-mg dose to 9 normal volunteers eating customary home diet. Feeding a diet that contained charcoal-broiled beef for 4 days prior to the administration of phenacetin markedly decreased the plasma levels of this drug without appreciably influencing(More)
Translocation of colicin across the membrane of sensitive cells has been studied extensively. However, processing of the toxicity domain of colicin during translocation has been the subject of much controversy. To investigate the final translocation product of colicin across the membrane of Escherichia coli, an endogenously expressed His-tagged Im7 protein(More)
Large interindividual differences occur in the in vivo metabolism of drugs due to genetic and environmental factors. Our studies show that intraindividual variabilities in rates of metabolism are relatively low for antipyrine and phenylbutazone, which are drugs that are primarily metabolized by the liver and have low hepatic extractions; whereas in the case(More)
Studies in animals have shown that many environmental pollutants induce the synthesis or inhibit the activity of microsomal mixed-function oxygenases that metabolize drugs, carcinogens and normal body constituents such as steroid hormones. These effects on microsomal enzyme activity alter the duration and intensity of action of foreign and endogenous(More)
Monoclonal antibody PAb1620 recognizes a conformational epitope on the transcription factor p53 and, upon binding, allosterically inhibits p53 binding to DNA. A highly diverse (1.5 x 10(10) members) phage-displayed library of peptides containing 40 random amino acids was used to identify the PAb1620 binding site on p53. Panning this library against PAb1620(More)
The intestinal metabolism of hexobarbital, phenacetin, 7-ethoxycoumarin and benzo [a] pyrene in vitro was increased in rats fed either dried Brussels sprouts or dried cabbage in a nutritionally complete semisynthetic diet as compared to rats fed only the semisynthetic diet. Pretreatment of rats with several indoles present in Brussels sprouts and cabbage(More)
Conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has been demonstrated to be catalyzed by two isoforms of steroid 5 alpha-reductase, designated types I and II. Although several classes of steroid-based inhibitors of the type II isoform have been identified, these agents have not demonstrated highly selective pharmacological activity against human(More)
The intestinal metabolism of phenacetin in vitro was increased 1100 percent in rats fed charcoal-broiled ground beef in a semisynthetic diet. The intestinal metabolism of phenacetin was increased 200 percent in rats fed a chow diet, as compared to rats fed the semisynthetic diet. The results obtained suggest a need for studies in man to determine whether(More)