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Recently, studies have been performed on harmony features for speech emotion recognition. It is found in our study that the first- and second-order differences of harmony features also play an important role in speech emotion recognition. Therefore, we propose a new Fourier parameter model using the perceptual content of voice quality and the first- and(More)
In this paper, we study how speech features' numbers and statistical values impact recognition accuracy of emotions present in speech. With Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), we identify two effective features, namely Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficients (MFCCs) and Auto Correlation Function Coefficients (ACFC) extracted directly from speech signal. Using GMM(More)
With the rapid development of B2C e-commerce and the popularity of online shopping, the Web storages huge number of product reviews comment by customers. Product reviews contain subjective feelings of customers who have used some products, more and more customers browse a large number of online reviews in order to know other customers word-of-mouth of(More)
Conventional features have achieved good performance in speech emotion recognition. However, these features are based on short-time analysis without considering the non-stationary properties. In this paper we focus on wavelet packet techniques, which can provide an improved signal representation with a tradeoff between time and frequency resolution. We(More)
With the increasing impact of social networks, microblog becomes important carrier of information and social interaction for human beings, which contains emotional states that have important research significance. We try to analysis the microblog text with the methods of emotional vocabulary, combining domain knowledge of psychology and affective computing,(More)
Emotional interaction plays an important role in human-computer interaction domains. One of the major limitations in the study of emotion interaction is the lack of databases. This paper describes a database for emotion interactions of the elderly. The database was collected with audio and video from sixteen actors (8 female and 8 male) in daily(More)
Feature selection is a significant aspect of speech emotion recognition system. How to select a small subset out of the thousands of speech data is important for accurate classification of speech emotion. In this paper we investigate heuristic algorithm Harmony search (HS) for feature selection. We extract 3 feature sets, including MFCC, Fourier Parameters(More)
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