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meso-Tetrakis(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)cobalt(II) porphyrin [Co(TMPP)] (1) is synthesized by a new method. The X-ray structure of 1 grown in dichloromethane shows square-pyramidal coordination around the Co(II) ion, displaying a 1D polymeric network. When grown in chloroform, 1 displays an octahedral coordination around Co(II), resulting in a 2D coordination(More)
Complexes analogous to the active site of dissimilatory nitrate reductase from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans are synthesized. The hexacoordinated complexes [PPh 4][Mo (IV)(PPh 3)(SR)(mnt) 2] (R = -CH 2CH 3 ( 1), -CH 2Ph ( 2)) released PPh 3 in solution to generate the active model cofactor, {Mo (IV)(SR)(mnt) 2} (1-), ready with a site for nitrate binding.(More)
The tetraethylammonium salt of the Co(II)porphyrinogen complex, [Et(4)N](2)[LCo(II)], 1, (L = tetrakis(cyclohexyl)porphyrinogen tetraanion) is oxidized by atmospheric oxygen to form [Et(4)N][LCo(III)], 2, in contrast to the ligand oxidation of Co(II)porphyrinogen, [Li(THF)(2)](2)[L'Co(II)] (L' = octaethylporphyrinogen tetraanion) with pure oxygen (Angelis,(More)
Synthesis of [PPh4]2[Mo(SPh)2(S2C2(CN)2)2] (2) from [PPh4]2[MoO(S2C2(CN)2)2] (1) has been achieved to mimic the postulated [Mo(S)6] core of polysulfide reductase with two thiolates and two bis(ene-dithiolate) ligands. Compound 2 reacts with polysulfide to yield H2S, modeling the function of polysulfide reductase. The facile conversion of 2 back to 1 in(More)
The synthesis and molecular structures of the cobalt(II) N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complexes [(NHC)Co{N(SiMe3)2}2], where NHC = 1,3-bis(diisopropylphenyl)imidazolylidene (IPr) (6), 1,3-bis(mesityl)imidazolylidene (IMes) (7), and 1,3-bis(tert-butyl)imidazol-2-ylidene (I(t)Bu) (8), are reported. Complexes 6-8 are rare examples of three-coordinate cobalt(More)
Two series of thiol-bridged dimeric desoxo molybdenum(IV) and tungsten(IV) bis(dithiolene) complexes, [Et(4)N](2)[M(IV)(2)(SR)(2)(mnt)(4)] [M = Mo, R = (1) -Ph, (2) -CH(2)Ph, (3) -CH(2)CH(3), (4) -CH(2)CH(2)OH; M = W, R = (1a) -Ph, (2a) -CH(2)Ph, (3a) -CH(2)CH(3), (4a) -CH(2)CH(2)OH] and one monomeric desoxo complex, [Et(4)N](2)[WIV(SPh)(2)(mnt)(2)] (5a)(More)
A new electron precise, six-electron, sulfide-bicapped trinuclear cluster complex [Et4N]4[Mo(IV)3(mu3-S)2(mnt)6] (1) has been synthesized, where each Mo(IV) atom is seven coordinated. Identical reaction conditions yielded a dimeric complex, [PNP]2[W(V)2(mu2-S)2(mnt)4] (2) from the starting W(IV) analogue due to oxidation by sulfur formed by the(More)
By using frontier-molecular-orbital and electrostatic (nucleophilic) interactions as well as relaxed potential-energy surface scans, it is shown that the initial step in the oxygen-atom transfer (OAT) reaction of [Mo(VI)O2-(S2C2Me2)SMe](-1) (1) and [Mo(VI)O2-{(S2C2(CN)2}2]2- (2) with HSO3(-) takes place by oxoanionic binding of the substrate to the Mo(VI)(More)