Kuntal Maity

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Posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) is the procedure of choice in cases of anorectal malformation in children. Adult patients can present with anorectal malformation in developing countries. As there is very little data regarding the success of PSARP in cases of adult anorectal malformations, the aim of this study was to perform and assess the(More)
Myringoplasty is a procedure which deals on repair of the tympanic membrane. This procedure can be done via postaural, endaural or endomeatal route. Various grafts such as temporalis fascia, vein graft, perichondrium are used. The technique can be categorized as underlay, overlay, interlay or its combination depending on the placement of the graft material.(More)
Epistaxis is one of the commonest ENT emergencies. It affects people of all ages, more commonly males. Bleeding may be due to local nasal pathology, systemic diseases, or sometimes no specific cause is found, which is called idiopathic epistaxis. This descriptive study was designed to evaluate role of nasal endoscopy for diagnosis and management of(More)
Rhinosporidiosis is a chronic localized granulomatous disease caused by Rhinosporidium seeberi, an aquatic protistan parasite belonging to a clade, Mesomycetozoea. Infestation of Rhinosporidiosis to the eye and adnexa is termed oculosporidiosis, in such cases, conjunctival mucosa is mostly involved; however in our case, it involved only the lacrimal sac and(More)
The cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the clinico-epidemiological profile, perceptions and clinical profile of the chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) patients in a tertiary care hospital. A pretested questionnaire was used containing open questions and the patients were assessed clinically. Most patients (31.2%) were from 0-10 years age(More)
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