Kuntal Chakraborty

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To reuse legacy C code effectively in Model Based Development process, it is highly desirable that the code be converted to Simulink model, a de facto standard in many industrial application domains, such as avionics and automotive control. In this paper we present the design methodology of a tool that translates a C code to equivalent Simulink model with(More)
We describe the modeling and verification of TTCAN startup protocol using SAL model checker. For the modeling purposes we propose a new modeling framework called Synchronous Calendar which can be seen as an adaptation of Calendar based models introduced by Duterte and Sorea. A Synchronous Calendar can express dense time systems without relying on(More)
Stock market Prediction is an example of a prediction problem which is challenging due to small sample sizes, high noise, and non-linearity. Neural networks(NN) have been frequently used in stock market prediction because of their ability to deal with uncertain, or insufficient data. Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH) is an inductive approach which(More)
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