Kunsook Bernstein

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AIM The aims of this study were to determine whether specific forms of childhood trauma predict eating psychopathologies and to investigate the mediating effects of the psychological symptoms of depression and obsessive-compulsion between childhood trauma and eating psychopathologies in patients with eating disorders. BACKGROUND The highest probability of(More)
Koreans are a relatively new and fast-growing immigrant group in the United States. Research has shown that immigration experiences are associated with depression, whereas acculturation and social support are moderating factors. Korean culture is informed by Confucianism, which emphasizes family integrity, group conformity, and traditional gender roles, and(More)
Korean immigrants' perception and understanding of mental health and illness were surveyed during four monthly mental health seminars in New York City. In all, 86 Korean immigrants attended the seminars and 34 completed the survey. The seminar participants were primarily financially stable Korean women who were married, educated, and had lived in America(More)
Immigrant mental health issues, especially depression in relation to discrimination and acculturation, are reported to be serious problems in the United States. The current study examines the prevalence of depressive symptoms among Korean immigrants in New York City (NYC) and its relation to self-reported discrimination and acculturation. A sample of 304(More)
This study examined how subjective perceptions of the neighborhood environment (e.g., perceived ethnic density, safety, social cohesion, and satisfaction) influenced the physical and mental health of Korean American older adults. Using data from 420 residents of the New York City metropolitan area (M age = 71.6, SD = 7.59), health perceptions and depressive(More)
This study aimed to explore the effectiveness of logo-autobiography (LA) as a therapeutic modality for Korean immigrant women suffering from depression and perceiving their lives as meaningless. A nonrandomized quasi-experimental study was conducted with pretest, posttest, and a 4-week follow-up test. Forty subjects--20 with antidepressants and 20(More)
Bullying in the nursing workplace can result in serious health-related outcomes for both nurses and patients who are under their care as well as the health care organizations. Bullying can erode the victim's professional competence and reputation and challenge the victim to maintain and improve professional identity. Although bullying can occur among(More)
This study adapted Andersen’s Health Belief Model to examine the predictors of mental health services utilization among Korean American (KA) immigrants. A cross-sectional survey was used to gather data on 363 KA immigrants 18 years and older residing in New York City. Predisposing factors included gender, age, marital status, education, length of stay in(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to investigate the culture-specific symptom manifestation and expression of depression in Korean immigrant women in the United States of America (USA). BACKGROUND The literature indicates that Korean immigrants to the USA report higher levels of depressive symptoms than immigrants from other Asian ethnic groups, and(More)
Major depressive disorder is a psychiatric disorder that encompasses a broad range of emotional, psychological, behavioral, and physical symptoms (Fava et al., 2004). The nurse in the hospital, office, school, or community setting can provide the essential elements of effective care for depression, including early detection by screening, medication(More)