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  • Research Showcase, Cmu, C P Weaver, E Cooter, Peter J Adams, J P Dawson +35 others
  • 2015
With harmful ozone concentrations tied to meteorological conditions, EPA investigates the U.S. air quality implications of a changing climate. D iscussion of the potential sensitivity of air quality to climate change has increased in recent years. In 2001, the NRC (acronyms defined in Table 1) posed the question " to what extent will the United States be in(More)
  • Regina Grace, Kunkel, David Hawthorne, Grace Regina Kunkel, Galen Dively, Dennis Vanengelsdorp
  • 2014
We need to study Apis mellifera both in vivo and ex vivo to better understand honey bee biology. In vivo synergism of chemicals can occur when xenobiotic transporters are inhibited by one chemical, allowing a second chemical to accumulate and become toxic. I have conducted assays between 2010 and 2013 that demonstrated RhB dye-a xenobiotic transporter(More)
  • Linda Norheim Brookes, Angel, Kunkel, In R A W Rhodes, S Binder, B Rockman +30 others
  • 2013
(2010). The response of great lakes water levels to future climate scenarios with an emphasis on lake michigan-huron. Virtual elimination of dioxin: Efforts of the united states and canada to eliminate dioxin pollution as required by the great lakes water quality agreement. Indiana (2010). Great lakes cladophora in the 21st century: Same algae—different(More)
  • Jens-Armin Stephan, Dekan, W Med Joachim, Dudenhausen, G Professor, Kunkel +4 others
  • 2002
der 5-34jährigen gewählt werden. Is there an increased german asthma mortality in the international comparison? Since the late 60's Germany has got the highest asthma mortality worldwide concerning all ages. Generally asthma as the cause of death is seldom. In the Asthma-Poliklinik of the Charité Berlin only 3 reliable and 7 probable asthma death were(More)
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