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The FIPA Contract Net Protocol (CNP) is an approach to cooperation and coordination in multi-agent systems, inspired by a market-like model. In order to solve the problems about description of military entities interactions in an agents-based modeling, the original CNP is extensively used, i.e., an extended CNP is proposed in this paper. The proposed(More)
sistency and coherence granularity in dsm systems: A performance evaluation.niques for reducing consistency-related communication in distributed shared memory systems. Evaluation of release consistent software distributed shared memory on emerging network technology. A bridge between release consistency and entry consistency. A low overhead, software-only(More)
In order to support the advanced concept technology demonstration of intelligence reconnaissance activities, multi-agent-based battlefield reconnaissance simulation is studied to provide enough detail to examine dynamic tactical process by a novel method of task decomposition and allocation. Our work includes four parts: (1) describing task by means of(More)
The research of powerful Problem Solving Environments (PSEs) is strongly motivated by the increasing complexity in scientific and engineering computation. In this paper, an initial design of Lupin, a framework of PSEs construction based on Web technologies is proposed and discussed. We predicate that common infrastructure of PSEs can be powerfully supported(More)
The first design of Lupin, a layered framework of Web-based, common Problem Solving Environments (PSEs) is proposed and discussed. The idea of invoking Web technologies such as the emerging Web services for Lupin’s approach; the conception of mathematical Web services and the implementation of Lupin based on the conception are briefly considered. A(More)
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