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Ultraviolet light (UV) induces an inflammatory response in the skin by cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 expression and prostaglandin (PG) E2 production. Citrus peel has been used as a natural medicine. It contains polymethoxyflavonoids (PMFs) as a major ingredient, which have anti-inflammatory activity. We obtained orange peel extract containing high levels of PMFs.(More)
Sensors are essential to the fulfillment of every condition of haptic technology, and they need simultaneously to sense shear stress as well as normal force, and temperature. They also must have a strong and simple structure, softness, and large extension. To achieve these conditions simultaneously, we enhanced the sensitivity of sensors utilizing natural(More)
Cells of a motile Streptococcus were starved, tethered to a quartz coverslip, energized with a potassium diffusion potential, and exposed to sudden decrements in external pH generated by flash photolysis of 2-hydroxyphenyl-1-(2-nitro)phenyl phosphate. The rotation rate of the cells increased following the flash but only after a brief time lag. Lags of the(More)
To provide a new composite material having a high electrical sensitivity in the fields of robotics and sensing, a magnetic rubber having network-like magnetic clusters was developed by utilizing a magnetic compound fluid (MCF). MCF rubber with small deformations can provide an effective sensor. In this paper, we report many experiments in which changes of(More)
Many sensors require mechanical durability to resist immense or impulsive pressure and large elasticity, so that they can be installed in or assimilated into the outer layer of artificial skin on robots. Given these demanding requirements, we adopted natural rubber (NR-latex) and developed a new method (NM) for curing NR-latex by the application of a(More)
Piezoelements used in robotics require large elasticity and extensibility to be installed in an artificial robot skin. However, the piezoelements used until recently are vulnerable to large forces because of the thin solid materials employed. To resolve this issue, we utilized a natural rubber and applied our proposed new method of aiding with magnetic and(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of particles as filler in soft rubber sensors installed in artificial skin. We examine sensors made of natural rubber (NR-latex) that include magnetic particles of Ni and Fe₃O₄ using magnetic compound fluid (MCF). The 1-mm thickness of the electrolytically polymerized MCF rubber makes production of(More)
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