Kunio Kawamura

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The “RNA world” hypothesis proposes that—early in the evolution of life—RNA molecules played important roles both in information storage and in enzymatic functions. However, this hypothesis seems to be inconsistent with the concept that life may have emerged under hydrothermal conditions since RNA molecules are considered to be labile under such extreme(More)
It is obvious that, in the media fill test and process simulation test, positive numbers in total fills should not have any significant difference from zero or asepsis. There are many reports concerning the definition of "sterility" or "asepsis." However, any scientific and practical methods to demonstrate "no significant difference from zero" have not been(More)
Darwinian evolutionary theory has played a central role in the life sciences. However, this principle is rarely applied to exceptional life-like systems such as human societies and the life-like chemical systems associated with the origin of life. For a description of the nature of these exceptional life-like biosystems, the development of alternative(More)
RNA played a central role in the emergence of the first life-like system on primitive Earth since RNA molecules contain both genetic information and catalytic activity. However, there are several drawbacks regarding the RNA world hypothesis. Here, I briefly discuss the feasibility of the RNA world hypothesis to deduce the RNA functions that are essential(More)
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