Kunimi Hamada

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The hair follicles exhibit an intrinsic hair cycle that is divided into three phases; growth (anagen), transition (catagen) and quiescence (telogen). To make sure of the effects on hair growth by chemical substances, we should evaluate the induction of the anagen phase and/or elongation of the anagen period and delay in catagen separately, but the(More)
Human gastrointestinal neoplasms are mostly developed from the mucosa, not from the adjacent muscle layer. DNA adducts in the mucosa and adjacent muscle layer of the non-tumoral part of stomach from 19 patients with gastric neoplasms and from six newborns were analyzed by 32P-postlabeling, and then compared them with those of representative colon or small(More)
The beginning of each anagen phase of the hair growth cycle appears to partially repeat the stages in the initial development of the hair cycle, but the regulatory mechanism of the hair cycle is unclear. We have investigated the levels of histamine related enzyme activities in the third hair cycle period of C3H mouse after depilation. The level of histidine(More)
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