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This correspondence describes a hybrid genetic algorithm (GA) to find high-quality solutions for the traveling salesman problem (TSP). The proposed method is based on a parallel implementation of a multipopulation steady-state GA involving local search heuristics. It uses a variant of the maximal preservative crossover and the double-bridge move mutation.(More)
This paper presents a parallel hybrid genetic algorithm (GA) for solving the sum-of-pairs multiple protein sequence alignment. A new chromosome representation and its corresponding genetic operators are proposed. A multi-population GENITOR-type GA is combined with local search heuristics. It is then extended to run in parallel on a multiprocessor system for(More)
Experimental and analytical investigations are performed for OneMax problem using Wright–Fisher model. This study investigates the distribution of the first order schema frequency in the evolution process of Genetic Algorithm (GA). Effects of mutation in GA are analyzed for the standard mutation and asymmetric mutation models. If a population is in linkage(More)
The investigation of new food constituents for purposes of disease prevention or health promotion is an area of increasing interest in food science. This paper proposes a new system that allows for simultaneous estimation of the multiple health-promoting effects of food constituents using informatics. The model utilizes expression data of intracellular(More)
Genetic algorithms (GAs) are stochastic optimization techniques, and the theoretical study of the process of GA evolution is very important in the application of GA. Mutation is one of most important operators in GA, and Markov chain theory has attracted researchers’ attention for the study of mutation. By applying Markov chain to study symmetric mutation(More)
Small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) are known that they will participate with RNA modification. However, detail functions of snoRNAs have not been clear still yet. In order to make clear functions of snoRNA, finding more snoRNAs and studying their works in cells are required. In this paper, we propose a method to detect snoRNA genes using(More)