Kunihiko Toumura

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ÐThis paper describes a framework for developing mobile software robots by using the PLANET mobile object system, which is characterized by language-neutral layered architecture, the native code execution of mobile objects, and asynchronous object passing. We propose an approach to implementing mobile Web search robots that takes full advantage of these(More)
Worldwide networks such as the Internet are becoming very popular, so distributed computing environments for such networks are in high demand. We think the design of such an environment should be based on a mobile-object computing model and are therefore designing a mobile-object system called Planet. One of the most signi cant issues in designing mobile(More)
Network traffic has been rapidly increasing in proportion along with the spread of broadband access networks. The traffic of the core network is predicted to exceed its transmission capability in the near future. Therefore, we propose a centrally controlled cache system with distributed cache storage in the access network. In this system, a cache control(More)
Planet is a mobile object system designed to be used as a platform for distributed collaborative applications in a network environment that amalgams local networks and world-wide networks such as the Internet. Planet adopts an approach that treats distribution and persistency in a uni ed way. This paper describes remote memory-mapping architecture suited to(More)
This paper studies the feasibility of a network equipment configuration API (application programming interface), which helps a configuration application configure network equipment without human intervention, and therefore remarkably reduces the network operator's workload and the operational cost. Previously, network operators had to cope with various(More)
To deal with rapid traffic growth, service providers who offer their services through the Internet must make their service system scalable. To achieve scalability, service providers often use a load balancer on the front of their system. However, load balancers tend to be a bottleneck of the system or a single point of failure. To address this problem, we(More)
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