Kunihiko Nagamine

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SUMMARY This report describes a quantification method for lumi-nance non-uniformity of a large LED backlight. In experiments described herein, participants subjectively evaluated artificial indistinct Mura images that simulated luminance non-uniformity of an LED backlight. We measured the luminance distribution of the Mura images. Then, the measured(More)
We introduce AnyLight, a novel programmable lighting device that can mimic the illumination effects of a broad range of light sources ---both real and imagined---using the principle of integral imaging. The flat, panel-shaped device functions in essence as a type of light field display, relying on custom, 3D printed optics to precisely control light rays(More)
In this paper we describe AnyLight, a lighting device that uses computational light fields to offer highly programmable illumination for architectural environments. Relying on integral imaging--a technique commonly used to realize stereoscopic 3D displays--AnyLight can mimic the illumination effects of various light sources, both real and imagined. A(More)
SUMMARY We developed a quantitative evaluation method for lumi-nance and color uniformity on a display screen. In this paper, we report the analysis result of a viewer perception of luminance and color uniformity. In experiments, observers subjectively evaluated Mura images which were showed on the light emitting diode (LED) backlight screen by adjusting(More)
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