Kunihiko Iizuka

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This article compares the performance of Fuzzy ARTMAP with that of Learned Vector quantization and Back Propagation on a handwritten character recognition task. Training with Fuzzy ARTMAP to a fixed criterion used many fewer epochs. Voting with FUZZY ARTMAP yielded the highest recognition rates.
—A capacitively coupled probing circuit with a novel de-skewer, a low-pass filter and a high-sensitivity receiver is proposed to realize a membrane-based wafer-level simultaneous testing robustly. The de-skewer can be designed by only digital core transistors and has stable feed-forward architecture. The receiver with the low-pass filter can suppress the(More)
The major problem that has prevented practical application of analog neuro-LSIs has been poor accuracy due to fluctuating analog device characteristics inherent in each device as a result of manufacturing. This paper proposes a dynamic control architecture that allows analog silicon neural networks to compensate for the fluctuating device characteristics(More)
A new topology for a switched-capacitor variable gain amplifier (SC-VGA) is proposed and implemented in an analog-digital interface system for CCD image sensor. The SC-VGA exploits a positive feedback which leads to simpler circuit implementation, lower power consumption and reduced kT/C noise, compared to the conventional one. The gain, controlled by 8-bit(More)