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Studies on the Synthesis of Sesquiterpene Lactones, 16. The Syntheses of 11β,13-Dihydrokauniolide, Estafiatin, Isodehydrocostuslactone, 2-Oxodesoxyligustrin, Arborescin, 1,10-Epiarborescin,
A total of eleven naturally occurring guaianolides, 11β,13-dihydrokau- niolide, estafiatin, isodehydrocostuslactone, 2-oxodesoxyligustrin, arborescen, 11β,13-dihydroludartin,Expand
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[A study of aphasia caused by putaminal hemorrhage].
Aphasia was evaluated in 21 right-handed patients (39-74 years old) with putaminal hemorrhage, and compared with that caused by thalamic hemorrhage. The patients were divided into three groups by theExpand
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A patient with severe iron-deficiency anemia and memory disturbance.
A 56-year-old woman presented with severe iron-deficiency anemia and memory disturbance. She had been in a state of severe iron deficiency for many years due to an unbalanced diet. Aerobic exerciseExpand
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