Kunihiko Fujii

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Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of the natural antibiotic fostriecin (CI-920) and its analogue 8-epi-fostriecin and evaluation of their biological activity are described. We used four catalytic asymmetric reactions to construct all of the chiral centers of fostriecin and 8-epi-fostriecin; cyanosilylation of a ketone, Yamamoto allylation, direct aldol(More)
A general and mild catalytic allylation of carbonyl compounds, applicable to aldehydes, ketones, and imines is developed using allyltrimethoxysilane as the allylating reagent. The reaction proceeds smoothly with 1-10 mol % of CuCl and TBAT in THF at ambient temperature. Mechanism studies indicated that the copper alkoxide, allylfluorodimethoxysilane, and(More)
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