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Extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields (MFs) were measured at 696 points in a room of a Japanese apartment building. The building had 124 rooms with layouts and wiring identical to those of the studied room. ELF-MFs exceeded 0.4 microT in 24% of the living space, and the maximum value, 1.8 microT, was detected at floor level. Analysis of the MF(More)
The extremely low-frequency (ELF) magnetic fields (MFs) originating from equipment used for assisted reproduction, umbilical cord-blood and peripheral-blood stem cell transplantation, transfusion, and hemodialysis were measured. The ELF-MF values were 0.1-1.2 microT on clean benches, <0.1-8.0 microT on inverted microscopes, <0.1-13.6 mmicroT in CO2(More)
In this paper, a novel compact filter-antenna with tunable frequency band is proposed and developed for interweave cognitive radio (CR) system. The antenna is fed by a microstrip line integrated with a ring resonator bandpass filter. Reconfiguration is achieved by centrally loading the ring resonator with only a single varactor diode. Furthermore, the(More)
– This paper presents a novel design of a 2 × 2 slot dipole array antenna with the reflector fed by coplanar waveguide (CPW). The proposed antenna has four antenna elements and branched CPW structure to achieve a high antenna gain and a sharp beam. We fabricated and measured the array antenna with the reflector. The measured forward directional peak gain(More)
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