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The new subgenus Songshupsylla is erected to include certain species heretofore included in Macrostylophora s. lat. Ewing, 1929. The subgenus is further divided into 2 species groups according to their morphological characters and geographical distribution in the Paleartic and Oriental Regions. Brief descriptions of these species groups and the names of the(More)
  • K C Li, C Pupp
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association journal
  • 1979
The efficiency of water as a collection medium for arsenic oxide vapor was investigated. The vapor was generated by passing air over arsenolite (As2O3, s) at various flow rates and temperatures, passed through a particulate filter and then was collected in a series of chilled Greenburg-Smith impingers. It was found that the first impinger always collected(More)
This investigation studies the recycling utility of two major waste products from the liquid crystal display (LCD) industry, panel glass and calcium fluoride sludge, which remain after the treatment of waste water. Waste panel glass was mixed with calcium fluoride sludge in various ratios and then subject to conditioning and melting treatment in order to(More)
The purpose of this study is to set up a learning environment which is based on the multiple intelligences (MI) theory applied to the internet. We try to find out the best suitable design style web title for the students. Students of this experiment are divided into two groups of learning environments, i.e. the Multiple Intelligences learning web title and(More)
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