Kung-Hao Hsu

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BACKGROUND Cryopreservation of preantral follicles or ovarian tissues would enable the storage of large numbers of primordial follicles or preantral follicles and preserves the structural integrity of somatic and reproductive cells. In the present study, we compared the developmental potential of cryopreserved two-week-old mouse preantral follicles, ovarian(More)
Human alpha-defensin 5 (HD5), a small cationic peptide, is expressed in Paneth cell granules of small intestinal crypts. HD5 exhibits high antimicrobial activity against a broad spectrum of pathogenic agents, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. In this study, the constitutive expression of HD5 antimicrobial peptide was achieved using the methylotrophic(More)
Exercise training plays a major role in the improving physiology of diabetes. Herein we aimed to investigate the influence of exercise upon the calcium-dependent calpain-isoform expressions of lean or obese Zucker rats, a model of obesity and type II diabetes (NIDDM). Five-month-old rats were divided: (1) obese sedentary (OS, n=7); (2) obese exercise (OE,(More)
CAPSULE HLA-B associated transcript (BAT) 2, 3, and 5 polymorphisms and haplotypes are associated with Kawasaki disease (KD) and coronary artery aneurysm (CAA) formations. OBJECTIVE KD, an acute vasculitis with unknown etiology, involves a complex interaction of immuno-inflammatory process, cytokines activation, and genetic factors. We aimed to(More)
Endometrial proliferation or regeneration during menstrual cycle is regulated by sexual hormones. However, the effect of gonadotrophins on the endometrial cell growth remains obscure. Herein, we aimed to investigate the effects of r-FSH (Gonal-F, Puregon) and progesterone on the proliferation of human endometrial cells in-vitro. According as gonadotrophin(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the roles of insulin-like growth factor II (IGF2), myeloperoxidase (MPO), E-cadherin (CDH1), urokinase and xeroderma pigmentosum group A and D (XPA, XPD) polymorphisms upon leiomyoma susceptibility. STUDY DESIGN Women were divided into: group 1, leiomyoma (n=158); group 2, non-leiomyoma (n=156). Polymorphisms (IGF2 exon 9*A/G,(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the effects of arsenic (As), benomyl (Ben), and carbendazim (Carb) on endometrial cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS Human endometrial cells were obtained during diagnostic curettage. All cultured endometrial cells were divided into four groups: (1) 0 M (controls), (2) 10(-6) M, (3) 10(-5) M, (4) 10(-4) M for As, Ben and Carb.(More)
OBJECTIVE To search for novel peptides and common binding motif that specifically bind to endometriosis. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Department of Biological Science and Technology in national university. PATIENT(S) Specimens were divided into [1] ectopic endometrium (n = 10); [2] eutopic endometrium (n = 10). INTERVENTION(S) Peptides(More)
OBJECTIVE Yam or diosgenin (extracted from the root of wild yam) is traditionally used for hormone replacement in menopausal women. Calpains are crucially related to the degradation of myofibrillar proteins in skeletal muscle. This study aimed to investigate the effects of yam and diosgenin on the calpain isoform expression in ovariectomized rats, a model(More)
Defensins are a well characterized family of antimicrobial peptides that are divided into two main classes, the αand β-defensins, based on the pairing pattern of disulphide bonds (Ganz, 2003; Yang et al., 2004). In humans, the respective genes of the two major classes (α and β) are clustered on the short arm of chromosome 8 (Harder et al., 1997; Liu et al.,(More)