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Parametric type classes
We propose a generalization to Haskell's type classes where a class can have type parameters besides the placeholder variable. We show that this generalization is essential to represent containerExpand
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Developing guideline-based decision support systems using protégé and jess
The Institute of Medicine has identified both computerized physician order entry and electronic prescription as keys to reducing medication errors and improving safety. Many computerized clinicalExpand
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Aspect-oriented design and implementation of adaptable access control for Electronic Medical Records
OBJECTIVES Maintaining proper access control to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is essential to protecting patients' privacy. We aim to develop mechanisms and tools that can support fine-grained andExpand
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Toward A Service Platform for Developing Smart Contracts on Blockchain in BDD and TDD Styles
In recent years, Blockchain technology has been highly valued, and the related applications have begun to be developed in large numbers. A smart contract is a software component encompass businessExpand
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A Type System for a Lambda Calculus with Assignments
We present a Hindley/Milner-style polymorphic type system for λvar, an extension of the call-by-name λ-calculus with mutable variables and assignments. To match λvar's explicit distinction betweenExpand
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A Practical Aspect Framework for Enforcing Fine-Grained Access Control in Web Applications
Access control is a system-wide concern that has both a generic nature and an application dependent characteristic. It is generic as many functions must be protected with restricted access, yet theExpand
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On instrumenting obfuscated java bytecode with aspects
Code obfuscators are widely used tools for protecting commercial Java software. Advanced obfuscation techniques make de-compiled Java programs not re-compilable, thus greatly raising the barrier ofExpand
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On Designing Access Control Aspects for Web Applications
This position paper reports our experience in designing access control aspects for Web applications. In particular, we choose the MVC-based Struts framework as the architectural style of our targetExpand
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On design issues and architectural styles for blockchain-driven IoT services
We can perceive the advent of smart living spaces attributed to the fast emerging of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. By combining with the blockchain technology, many innovative businessExpand
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